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Strasbourg / At the workshop , La Malterie / January 2010 , high resolution.

Title :

The world Directory, eventually I would prefer Dictionnary.

Joint work :

In parallel with my artistic activities, I have a part time job in a socio-cultural centre. I invite children practising plastics arts. The purpose is more presentation and incitation to do than bother with results of course I wish to receive as many quotations as possible but I take an utmost care to powder and to engage an exchange with the reader.

The purpose is a common point. This is a reading not a writing exercise. I do not start on a blank sheet of paper. Why should I mose it to other people?

The place:

An independent bookshop because it promoted choices dictated by the bookseller. Really this is rather utopia these days and this project exhibs is no commercial exchanges is just all the same.

Paper exchange:

A scrap of a plan in exchange of a post card slipped inside a book. I am not against technology but according hand-written letters are becoming scarce.E mails have replaced post cards with the illuminated evidence where we are staying or with the postman stamp. Readers a priori reside in the area of their booksellers. Their approaches of the world are located.


The internet site reports the development of the project. The answer which are given are not kept with me. Using the web allows to develop queries in the virtual world. This day this is only starting. I decided to join a webmaster, the reason of this world, to question our habits, to take advantage of this space to experiment and perhaps to point out our conditioning.


Time of reading for one, time of travelling and memorising for me, except Strasbourg where I live, in other cities I have not interested on their maps. I came back and I resume the voyage in a familiar environment.

As I wrote initially it is essential to take great care as much of the world as of the page marker which goes with it. A model of the first page maker with B. re-reading the texts... Terrible I write just as I speak but how summarising three pages of notes in three sentences ? This is not my job, telephones calls, taking a date with G. whom I never met before . This is the first time I explain something to someone else and he takes notes. The text becomes simple, clear and short. Return to the model which is fine. The project becomes alive and I have an uncommon feeling similar to when I take delivery a drawing past the picture framer. This no longer mine but it looks terribly the same.