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Strasbourg /A cafe, night time, friends with well irrigated brains / At the workshop, some more warm before winter.

For the lapsed ten years, i have been welcome in this city. Between all French cities I stayed, Strasbourg has the finest addresses : the Dragon street, the Mind street, the Rainbow street, the Couples street, the Seven Men street. Possibly because France and Germany fighted over this city, streets names have been submitted to several translation and took a mysterious tarns. “The Mute Street” (Voies muettes, art work) were a first attempt of translation. Eventually I preferred avoiding the proofs of houses of the land register keeping only walls and street and redistributing then between inhabitants. Whilst I was carving the maps I kept improving my plans.

Some days later one the evening sitting outside a cafe, the idea dropped off books including the world « World ». I remember a few titles : “The used of the world” of Nicolas Bouvier, “The world according to Garp” of John Irving, “The balance of world” of Rohinton Mistry, “From the whole world to the heart of the world” of Blaise Cendrars, “All world” of Edouard Glissant.

The months clasped I met L. again, I tell her with all details and she gets carried away. She support the idea and proposes to renew the experience in several other cities, in other countries, with other languages and outlets.